Bangladeshi Mail Order Brides And Dating: Why To Date Bangladeshi Beauties

When we’re talking about East/Southeast Asian women, Eastern European girls, or Latinas, it’s simple. There always are rules — they can be difficult or easy, but they help you in the absolute majority of cases. When we’re talking about Bangladeshi brides, it’s not that easy. Like, did you know it’s actually almost impossible to date them? Or did you know the average age at first marriage in this country is sixteen years old? Oh, we have a lot to tell you.

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It is important to know

It is important to understand the difference between dating websites and mail order bride services. The dating sites are usually used by girls and guys who just want to chat, flirt, and have a good time with their partner. Whereas mail order bride platforms are used to find a soul mate for life, get married, and build a happy family. So when choosing a suitable service, you should rely on your desires and preferences.

Pretty Bangladeshi brides: Can you actually date Bangladeshi women? How?

Seriously, when it comes to 99% of countries, the answer is usually simple — “yes, you can date the women from X country”. But when it comes to Bangladesh, the answer is not that clear.

First of all, the very idea of dating and romance is not that popular in Bangladesh. It’s an extremely conservative country when it comes to the dating culture (here, we mean “dating” as they understand it, not as it’s perceived in the Western countries). That’s why the Bangladeshi couples usually meet secretly — the whole “romantic relationship” is kinda socially unacceptable in this country. It’s almost impossible to “date” a Bangladeshi girl, especially for a foreigner. It’s even closer to impossible to have a relationship with a girl from this country if you are not a Muslim — 90% of the Bangladesh population is Sunni Muslim and interfaith marriages are prohibited for Sunni Muslim women.

What does it mean for you? Well, first of all: it’s not that bad actually. Bangladesh is not some kind of a radical Islamist country. First of all, it’s a secular country where only some spheres are influenced by Sharia law (unfortunately, it’s the very spheres you wouldn’t want to be regulated by Sharia — we’re talking about marriage and divorce). To put it simply, you won’t be punished right after you enter this country because of your religion or because of your intentions — but this fact alone doesn’t mean you can get a Bangladeshi girl.

Bangladeshi girl for marriage

To increase your chances, you need to focus on Dhaka, the capital of this country. Some young women from this city are quite liberal-minded when it comes to international and interfaith relationships. What’s much more important, there are quite a lot of girls with liberal-minded parents in Dhaka so you’ll have higher chances there. Or, frankly speaking, all the chances of finding a Bangladeshi girl are in the capital of Bangladesh.

If you’re a Muslim, everything is great — you will have no problems with these women and with their parents. There are only two things you should know if you’re a Muslim who is looking for some beautiful Bangladeshi brides. The first thing is: no one-night stands. You should forget about casual dating if you’re going to meet beautiful Bangladeshi girls. Even casual dating is still taboo in this country, not to mention one-night stands. To be fair, it’s one of the worst countries in the world for those who are looking for a hookup.

The second thing every Muslim who is looking for a bride in Bangladesh should know is: you will hardly find a girl who would meet the minimum US marriage age requirements in this country. Why?

Because of child marriage. The mean age at first marriage of women is 15.48 years in this country and the mean age at first marriage of women is 16.8 (one of the lowest results in the world). Most girls who get married before 18 years old are Muslim — when it comes to Hindus (9.5% of the population), the situation is better. Mostly, it’s poor Muslim families who marry their daughters off before 16 or even before 14 years old — the older the girl is, the lower the dowry payments are.

Alright, let’s conclude here. If you want to meet a woman from Bangladesh, here are the rules:

  1. Have serious intentions
  2. Be a Muslim (but don’t forget that most girls in this country get married even before the age of 18)
  3. Focus on Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh
  4. Use dating sites — it’s faster, cheaper, and safer

Beautiful Bangladeshi women: Dating tips you need to know

In addition to the 4 rules we’ve just talked about, there are at least 2 additional ones you should follow to make everything right. Here they are.

Firstly, be ready to propose. It’s obvious — as we’ve said, there is no such thing as casual dating in this country so it makes no sense to meet beautiful Bangladeshi girls without having a marriage in mind. What’s not that obvious is that these women don’t want to wait so either you propose to her as soon as possible or you have no chances with a woman from this country.

Secondly, do your best to help your Bangladeshi bride feel safe and comfortable — it’s extremely important. Most Bangladeshi women for marriage are highly sensitive, so you will need to cope with this problem.

Where to find Bangladeshi girls for marriage and dating?

You can try Bangladeshi mail order brides services with beautiful Bangladeshi women for marriage. It’s faster and it’s safer than going to Bangladesh and trying to meet the girls on the streets. It’s a very general rule — if you’re going to meet a woman from a Muslim country, do it online first. Bangladesh is not an exception.

Are Bangladeshi girls for marriage and dating worth it?

Well, it’s up to you. If you’re ok with the very idea of marrying a (probably) highly sensitive woman from a (most likely) very poor family; if you are searching for a Muslim bride in her 18s-20s; if you’re a Bangladeshi American yourself, then why not? In all the other cases, it just may be too challenging. But again, it’s up to you.