Nepali Girl For Marriage And Dating: Read This To Know About Nepalese Girls

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Some Americans believe that Nepali mail order brides are the best foreign women to marry because they are respectful, traditional, and loyal. The others think they are too shy and obedient, and that this country is too conservative in general. The truth lies somewhere in between — and here, we’ll talk about the facts. Like, are they really too conservative? How do they view gender roles? And what about religion? Let’s see.

But first, here’s a little disclaimer. We understand that it’s almost impossible to come up with a response without generalizing, and we understand that each Nepalese girl for marriage is unique. However, we’ll still try to help you understand what these women really are.

You HAVE to know this if you want a Nepalese lady!

Women of Nepal are more surprising than you could imagine. Here are the top facts to know if you are aimed at dating one of the pretty ladies of Nepal!

  • They are generally very friendly. Friendliness is one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Nepalese people. They are kind, friendly, nice, and helpful — and the good news is that they don’t have any racial prejudice, unlike some other Asian women. This alone makes them one of the best choices for every American who is searching for Asian brides online!
  • They have a lot of various etiquette rules you’ll have to know and follow. Well, don’t get us wrong, these women are used to the presence of Western tourists, so they are quite tolerant towards cultural differences. It’s not that you’ll have problems if you point your finger at a Nepalese person — you don’t have to know all the rules of course. Just remember: no shaking hands with a man or a woman you’ve just met, no unfinished plates, and no whistling. This will be enough at the beginning.
  • Their society is traditional in nature, and so are Nepalese brides. Nepalese women’s roles vary with ethnic groups and social class, but they still tend to be limited to domestic duties. The gender roles are still extremely traditional in this country, and Nepalese society expects Nepalese women to be kind, patient, and “homely homemakers”.

How do Nepalese women differ from other ones?

It is not only their significant features that make Nepalese brides so outstanding. Let’s see what differentiates these women from other ones.

Nepalese brides are a bit more conservative than Western women

sexy girls from Nepal

It’s not about gender roles only — it’s about tons of other things, such as public display of affection. While it’s not rare to see two men or women walking and holding their hands, the public display of affection between people of the opposite sex is not considered appropriate. It’s very important, so please be aware of that when you meet your Nepalese bride in her country.

Nepalese girls for marriage are not as individualistic as the ladies from the United States.

Nepal is a collectivistic society, which means Nepalese people are very committed to their families and to other “groups” — which, in case of relationships, means that loyalty is one of the most important qualities for them.

Girls in Nepal suffer from objectification

Unfortunately, many women in Nepal are discriminated against on the basis of sex. Nepal ranks 115th out of 188 countries for gender equality. Education inequalities, economic inequalities, child marriage, sexual violence, dowry tradition — there are lots of problems Nepal still has to work out.

It’s often quite hard for these women to marry outside the culture. While Nepalese men have much more freedom and usually have no problems with marrying a woman from another country, it’s often hard for women from Nepal to break the cultural rules.

Nepalese mail order brides love dating foreigners.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you can get a Nepalese bride just because you are a foreigner, no. When it comes to the interracial relationship with a Nepali bride, it’s all about respect and patience. Be decent if you are aimed at a marriage with a Nepalese bride!

Religion means a lot for Nepalese girls

hot nepali brides

Nepalese women for marriage are religious, but it’s not like they are not tolerant of people of other religions. A lot of religious groups coexist peacefully in this country, and there is almost no religious discrimination against people of other religions.

The families often live in the same house, and family, in general, is one of the most important things for Nepalese women for marriage. Well, it’s not surprising — that’s just how collectivistic societies work.

These are the main facts you need to know about women for marriage from Nepal. If it was interesting for you, do not hesitate to check out our articles about mail order brides from other countries!