Anastasia Jacobs

Anastasia Jacobs

Atomic Dating Expert

Hey, I’m Anastasia, and I am an expert on Atomic bride. I was a mail order bride, so I can share a lot with you that most male experts don’t know about girls who use such services! And I know about that because my husband, Mark, is also an expert on this site. I help him a lot with learning all the secrets of mail order bride services. Interestingly, I had never thought that I would become a mail order bride, let alone become an expert in this sphere. But life is a funny thing, it can change instantly, and all you need to do is adapt. 

My goal is to show guys who want to find a bride from a different country how it should be done quickly, effectively, and enjoyably. All you need to do is follow my tips, and you will see the pattern of how to be successful. Online dating is interesting as it allows you to find a perfect person. I know that because I found my husband. Or he has found me. Well, we found each other, and I dated a few guys online before meeting Mark, so I can share quite a lot with you on how to find your soulmate as soon as possible.

It should be noted that I am from Ukraine, and I know quite a lot about Ukrainian women. However, I am not an expert on women from other locations, and even though online dating is relatively the same regardless of the location, it has some differences. So, we have plenty of experts that can share their knowledge on how to find a mail order bride from any place on the planet!

I really want to share my expertise with you guys so that you could become as happy as Mark and I. Mail order bride services have changed our lives, and we believe that it is our goal to help you see the full potential of online dating.