Top 10 Best Countries To Find A Loyal Wife In 2021

Real love can happen anywhere and anytime. With the help of the internet, you can connect with stunning girls from all over the world. Just pick a country, and there are probably a ton of single ladies. But what are the best countries to find a loyal wife? Are there any criteria to choose a dating destination? Can dating sites be the “places” to meet a potential spouse? About that and more, we are going to talk today.

Top dating sites that will help you to find a loyal wife or girlfriend

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  • AmourFactory users are often looking for love and or even serious relationships
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It is important to know

It is important to understand the difference between dating websites and mail order bride services. The dating sites are usually used by girls and guys who just want to chat, flirt, and have a good time with their partner. Whereas mail order bride platforms are used to find a soul mate for life, get married, and build a happy family. So when choosing a suitable service, you should rely on your desires and preferences.

How to pick among the best countries to find a loyal wife?

When the whole world is just a few clicks away, it can be challenging to choose a dating destination. The first instinct would be to choose the place with the most beautiful women. But is it the right tactic in picking the best countries to find a wife?

Choosing the county with the most stunning girls is not that easy, as beauty is a very subjective thing. Some consider Russian women to be the best, when others are more into Asian beauty and prefer Japanese or Chinese brides. So, the choice will depend strongly on your personal preference. Here are some questions to answer to define your perfect woman’s image:

  1. What type of women you like?
  2. Do you mind your bride being another religion than you?
  3. Is a language barrier a problem for you?
  4. Do you want a younger or older bride?

Having a clear understanding of what you want will help you make the right choice. Keep on reading and explore great dating destinations.

Top 5 the best countries to find a wife

Enjoy the top 5 best countries to meet a wife and have a relationship you always dreamed of. Each of them is a wonderful option to consider if you are looking for a romance. Besides, learn more about dating peculiarities in those countries.


Stunning Russian women are known worldwide for their incredible beauty and straightforwardness. They are purely kind, loving and have all the traditional values that men love.

best countries to find a wife

  • Why? — Russia is the ultimate choice because the amount of gorgeous women online is massive.
  • How to find? — With such a big amount of beautiful Russian girls ready to date a foreigner, there’s no point in going to Russia to find one.
  • Dating traditions — Modern Russian women are not as exotic for foreign men as they were 20 years ago. Dating them is very similar to a Western-type of relationship. However, those beauties expect more courting and romance than their western counterparts.
  • Marriage traditions — The strength of Russian brides is their family-oriented mindset and a huge devotion to their husbands. They always surround their partner with love and support, which is priceless.


This country is a home to incredible women blessed with outstanding oriental beauty that lasts till old age. More excitingly, these girls can boast of an amazing sense of art and piece, which is essential for men who seek wise and calm girlfriends. That is why Japan is among the best countries to find young wife.

  • Why? — If you’re dreaming about dating an Asian beauty, Japan is a perfect spot for you. Gorgeous appearance, tranquility, respect for traditional values everything that it takes to be a great wife.
  • How to find? — If there’s Chinatown in your city, try your luck there. But for more effective dating attempts, use specialized dating platforms.
  • Dating traditions — Most Japanese beauties have never been abroad, so the Western men’s dating approach isn’t common and is very intriguing.
  • Marriage traditions — Cultural differences can make a marriage with a Japanese lady a bit challenging, as local wedding traditions are still followed and very popular.

The Philippines

Finding a single Filipino lady who is beautiful, kind, and who loves foreign men is not hard. You can meet many hotties that are interested in transnational marriage online and in real life.

  • Why? — Western men are a go-to choice of gorgeous Filipino singles as they are seen as reliable and supporting.
  • How to find? — The chances are high that you can meet a Filipina in your country but looking for a girl online is a better choice.
  • Dating traditions — Filipinos are usually not into PDA, but approaching a Filipino beauty is easy because almost all the young women in the country speak good English.
  • Marriage traditions — Lovely Filipino singles have nothing against marrying at a young age and having a child right away.


Mexican ladies are known for their natural beauty, smoking-hot bodies, and incredible culinary skills. Life with a stunning Mexican girl is promising, and it promises comfort, love, and coziness.

best countries to find a loyal wife

  • Why? — There are so many gorgeous ladies from Mexico that are looking for love abroad.
  • How to find? — You can plan a nice trip to Mexico and have a great vacay there. Using Latin dating sites is also a great option, especially for men who cannot leave their home country right away.
  • Dating traditions — Just like women in any other Latin country, Mexican girls are all about dancing, so be ready to try your luck on a dancefloor if you want to charm your lady (or at least make her laugh).
  • Marriage traditions — Mexican society has no transnational marriage taboos. Living with a beautiful Mexican spouse, you’ll hardly notice any differences in mentality. You only will benefit from home-made Mexican cuisine.


Sunny country of gorgeous women is a wonderful place to look for a suitable partner. Those beauties are loyal, kind-hearted, and hard-working. They tend to take great care of their men, doing everything for them to feel comfortable and happy.

  • Why? — There is a fantastic variety of single Thai women that are incredibly beautiful and seek a relationship with a foreign man.
  • How to find? — There are plenty of Thai dating sites that offer to connect with hot singles.
  • Dating traditions — Thai dating is not like Western one. It is a bit simpler, as women from Thailand are very attracted to dating foreigners.
  • Marriage traditions — Financial stability is the main factor that Thai ladies consider before marriage, as they want a better life for themselves and their future kids.

Top 3 best countries for older American men to find a wife

Gorgeous ladies from the following three countries are choosing older men to marry. If you choose a bride from those countries, age won’t be a thing to worry about.


best countries to find young wife

  • Why? — Brazilian women value male wisdom and wealth, and they find older men very attractive as they posess these qualities. This is one of the reasons why Brazil is among the best countries for older American men to find a wife.
  • How to find? — You can travel to the country itself or use reliable dating platforms.
  • Dating traditions — It’s almost the same as in any western country. The only difference is that Brazilian women are into men that are stronger and rule the relationship.
  • Marriage traditions — Women from Brazil are free to choose who to marry, and such union is a great chance to get a stunning and loyal spouse.


Women of India are very loyal, serious, and looking for a partner who can protect them from any problems and attacks of life. Older men are likely to have experience in it, so they can try their luck in finding a girlfriend in India.

  • Why? — Indian women are attractive, smart, and hard-working. Tore excitingly, they adore kids and usually dream of having a lot of them.
  • How to find? Try looking for gorgeous Indian brides in local communities or joining an Asian dating website.
  • Dating traditions — Those beauties are interested in serious relationships.
  • Marriage traditions — Traditional wedding in India is very bright and differs a lot from a western one. However, modern girls are into western weddings too.

African region

Hot African women are dreaming of strong men, who are experienced in relationships. Do you want to meet them? Check out these features of dating African beauties.

  • Why? — A variety of African countries offer so many different gorgeous brides who prefer to date older men.
  • Dating traditions — You should be ready for the datiples here don’t usually practice living together before marriage.
  • Marriage traditions — There are interesting African traditions like the Libation Ceremony, Tasting the Four Elements, the Crossing Stick ceremony, and others that can be easily incorporated into the Western wedding ceremony.
  • How to find? — Going online is the best option you have.

The bottom line

Selecting any of the countries that we suggested is a wonderful choice. Just find a trustworthy dating website that offers communication with ladies from the country of your choice and dive into the world of a long-distance romance.