Top 7 Hottest Single Women — Where To Look For A Future Bride?

There is nothing wrong with being single. However, if you no longer want to be single not a minute more, as you can meet a suitable partner online.

Today we are going to talk about the hottest single women in this world that are well-known celebrities. We will focus not only on the stars themselves but also on the country of their origin and the stunning women they represent. So let’s explore the list of the hottest single women in the world and where to find them; by the way, you can start with the following dating websites where you can find the sexy girls.

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hottest single women

Top 7 hottest single women in the world — Celebrity edition


A stunning Barbadian singer and successful businesswoman Rihanna is on top of our list. It’s surprising to realize that such a gorgeous lady is single. However, her recent breakup and new lifestyle seem to be excellent inspirations for new music, making millions of fans excited.

Where can I meet Rihanna-like girls? The majority of Barbadians (Bajans) are of Afro-Caribbean or mixed descent. Many Barbadian women now live in English-speaking countries, so the chances are high that you meet Rihanna-like hotties in the US, the UK, and Canada. Also, a great option to meet such girls is to use international dating sites that offer to connect with singles from all over the globe.

Jennifer Aniston

This gorgeous American actress has been single for a while now. She’s been married twice, but as of right now, Jennifer’s still flying solo and is quite happy about that. Famous for her role as Rachel in the popular TV sitcom ‘Friends’, Jennifer Aniston became a sex-symbol of the 90s and remained one of the most desired bachelorettes.

Where can I meet Jennifer-like girls? Jennifer Aniston was born in LA, but she has Italian and Greek ancestry. If you want to find a girl that looks like this actress, you should consider joining a European dating website.

Selena Gomez

This smoking-hot American singer and actress has been single for quite some time now, but after her overly public relationships with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, it is no surprise she doesn’t want to start a new public romance. Her stunning beauty is explained by the great mix of American and Mexican genes that make her appearance youthful and sexy at the same time.

Where can I meet Selena-like girls? Latin America and Mexico in particular, is where you should be looking for a stunning woman like Selena. Attractive feminine curves, flawless skin, and spicy temper are worth registering on a Latin dating site and trying your luck.

Emilia Clarke

When you see stunning Emilia Clarke, it’s hard to believe that the famous Mother of dragons is still single. After her last relationship with filmmaker Charles McDowell, she revealed that she doesn’t want to date anyone the nearest time.

Where can you meet Emilia-like girls? Gorgeous Emilia Clarke is an Englishwoman, which is why if you are looking for a girlfriend as the mother of dragons — the UK and European dating sites should be your top choice. A great benefit of dating a girl from the UK is not only the stunning appearance and sophistication these ladies can boast of but also the complete absence of language barrier (although some American people may not agree with this statement due to the special accent of some English regions).

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is another hot British celebrity on our list of the hottest single women. The famous on-screen witch of the Harry Potter film franchise is still single in her 30s. She is happy to be not in a relationship and refers to herself as not single but rather ‘self-partnered.’

Where can I meet Emma-like girls? Emma Watson is a celebrity crush of many men and women, and you can find a woman like her if you travel to the United Kingdom or join a niche dating site.

Kylie Jenner

The famous Kardashian is known not for being single but for her business empire and many controversial situations she creates. By now, we all know that Kylie Jenner broke up with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, which sounds great to all her male fans.

Where can I meet Kylie-like girls? Kylie Jenner is gorgeous and seems to be a great caring mom. If you don’t mind your partner having a child, or maybe you have a child or children, it shouldn’t stop you from dating. There are so many stunning women waiting for you online.

Bella Hadid

This stunning American model, who is recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world, has been in a relationship with the Weeknd since 2015. However, right now one of the hottest single women in the world is single. Bella’s incredible beauty is a result of Dutch and Palestinian genes.

Where can you meet Bella-like girls? Western Asian Region and Europe are places where you should be looking for stunning girls like Bella. The quickest way to connect with them is through international dating sites.

Why are the hottest single women still single?

When you see gorgeous celebrities single, you may wonder how on Earth that could happen. But you need to remember that all of these beautiful celebrities are the same people like you and everyone else, who want to sincerely love and be loved. Even though they are admired worldwide and recognized as the hottest single women, they are not immune to breakups and struggles to find a suitable partner. Those three factors are the biggest reasons why celebrities are remaining single:

  1. The сelebrity dating pool is very narrow — Have you ever noticed that celebrities tend to date other celebrities? You may think it is just for publicity, but in reality, the reasoning is far more profound. The same level of fame and facing similar difficulties makes relationships easier.
  2. Hectic lifestyles — Love can survive long-distance. However, it can’t survive the lack of time and always being under the microscope of paparazzi. Constant pressure and busy schedules make relationships hard to work out.
  3. Unapproachable stigma — One of the biggest problems the hottest single women face is that they seem out of reach. Men are intimidated by such women that they think they are not good enough.

Those are only three factors out of many that influence why such beautiful, famous, and gorgeous ladies are single. But remember that being single does it mean that you’re unwanted, and those celebrities are a prof to this thought. However, a relationship takes more than that, and you need to work hard and be ready to commit.

How to get the attention of one of the hottest single women in the world?

hottest single women

If you’re intrigued by these hotties and want to find a partner from their home country that is equally stunning, here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Find a reliable dating site — Choose an international or country-specific website that caters to your needs and provides everything for comfortable communication.
  • Decide on your type — Even though you sometimes fall in love with people who are complete opposites to your preferable type, you still need to know what you want your partner to be. The majority of dating sites have filters to help you to narrow down the vast pool of candidates and pick the most suitable one.
  • Be confident — Don’t be afraid to write to a girl you like first, especially if she is really beautiful. For example, if you like Russian women, you will see that most of them look like models. They have perfect figures and sexy curves, which can be quite intimidating. However, these hotties are very humble and traditional, so they wait for a man to approach them.
  • Be honest from the very beginning — When we start dating, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to show our maximum. But nobody is perfect. Be honest about who you are, what your lifestyle is from the very beginning, as honesty is a basis of a serious relationship.
  • Make your intentions clear — On dating sites, you’ll find women interested in different types of things, from serious relationships to flirtatious chats. That is why if you want to find a suitable match, be honest upfront.


There are so many ways to enjoy being without a life partner, and there are many benefits of staying sexy, free, and single. However, many people agree that love makes our lives match brighter, full of emotions, and helps us experience the world’s excitements to the fullest. If you don’t want to be single, it’s easy to change that. You can do it even from the comfort of your home. Just pick a professional dating site and start your love journey.