How Much Do Dating Sites & Mail Order Brides Cost? Real Prices Only

Cost of mail order brides is a big mystery. Everyone heard of it, but no one knows how much it costs, and more importantly, how much it should cost. We reveal all the secrets about the industry below, so if you don’t want to spend more than necessary, keep reading!

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It is important to know

It is important to understand the difference between dating websites and mail order bride services. The dating sites are usually used by girls and guys who just want to chat, flirt, and have a good time with their partner. Whereas mail order bride platforms are used to find a soul mate for life, get married, and build a happy family. So when choosing a suitable service, you should rely on your desires and preferences.

cost of mail order brides

Сost of mail order brides and dating sites: main expenditures

Some people say mail order brides are super expensive. Some say they are cheap. But the truth is you can calculate the total cost of all services only if you understand how the mail order bride industry works and what the main expenditures are. Below, we explain everything you need to know to account for all your future expenses and create a realistic budget.

Dating agency or a website — its policy matters

We’d like to emphasize that we’re talking not only about the billing policy but also about the way the company provides its services. Choosing the right platform is crucially important because:

  1. You may pay a monthly fee or a certain amount for each message sent depending on its policy.
  2. You may have access to more interested or less interested ladies, spend less or more time on the site, and therefore pay less or more money for it.
  3. Some platforms provide special services like video chat and calls, and some don’t. Such special features allow you not only to establish the connection but also to make sure that you didn’t go wrong with the girl. Fewer mistakes, i.e. contacts with wrong women — more money saved on dating.

Generally speaking, the total amount you spend on a mail order bride largely depends on a dating website.

Two main types of sites & approximate costs

Sites with membership

There are websites that connect men with mail order brides and provide dating services for about $30 a month (the average price of a monthly premium membership plan.) However, most platforms that have such billing policies don’t have extra special features like video chat or phone calls.

So, on such sites, you pay $30-$50 each month. However, it’s likely to take more time to find the right girl just because you can’t invite your matches to video chat or call them. Hence, it all depends on luck. Most men, however, spend a few years on such platforms. Let’s suppose that you need 2 years to meet a soulmate — it will cost you $720-$1200.

Sites with credit system

There are also platforms that use credits and don’t have membership fees (or charge about $10 for VIP membership) The price of credits varies, but usually, they are not cheap. You’re likely to pay $1-$5 for a minute of live chat or each letter sent.

Those who choose platforms with credits usually pay more, especially during the first months. They contact a lot of women at the early stage, and hence, they can spend $100-$500 for the services for the first month. However, they spend less on communication when they find a girl, and they are less likely to go wrong because in most cases, such sites allow them to make video calls, phone calls, and even set virtual dates.

average cost of mail order brides

Simply put, guys who choose such platforms are likely to find a bride sooner, which is pretty cost-effective. Let’s suppose that you spend $200 on communication during the first two months and then spend about $100 on conversations with the only girl you like. You’re dating for about 5 months and then finally decide to meet in person. The total cost (without romance tours, flights, gifts, etc) will be about $900.

That’s why it is this important to choose the site that works for you personally. No one knows how much time you will spend there and if you will meet your dream girl in a month or in a year, so it is hard to say how much you will spend on the site itself. However, in most cases, men spend at least $1,000 on the platform to meet a wife there.

Real meeting costs more

So, how much are mail order wives? Cost of online dating services is not that high, but does it mean that you’ll get a bride just for a thousand dollars? No, it doesn’t because your bride will hardly come to see you herself or pay for your tickets, and marriage is impossible without a real meeting — after all, the modern experience of dating a foreign bride is very different from what we had a few decades ago. So, there are some more expenditures.

First, let’s talk about romance tours. If you want just enjoy dates, if you want specialists to do everything for you, if you don’t want to book anything, you can buy a romance tour right on the site (a lot but not all websites provide such kind of service.) The price varies depending on plenty of factors from the company’s pricing policy to your bride’s country, but get ready to spend a few thousand dollars (from $5,000 to $20,000 for a luxury vacation) on an all-inclusive romance tour.

But if you want to save some money, you can arrange a meeting yourself. In this case, you’ll need to consider the cost of:

  • Hotels. Prices depend on the country, the city, and your preferences.
  • Flights. It largely depends on where you and your bride live. For example, if you live in Washington and your bride lives in Mexico, you won’t spend a fortune on your visits, even if you come a few times. A ticket in this case will cost you $500+, which, of course, can’t be compared to the prices of a ticket to Moscow or China. In most cases, men spend a few thousand dollars on flights.
  • Dates. And again, it depends on you. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show a woman you’re able to provide for a family, but you shouldn’t seem greedy, too.

Simply put, if you arrange it yourself, you’re likely to spend less. If your wife is not too far away, you can spend up to $5,000. This, however, is a starting price when it comes to romance tours.

What is the average cost of mail order brides and dating sites?

So, what is the average price? As you can see, it depends on dozens of things, from the prices of membership plans or credits to hotels you book. If you are on a budget, don’t mind arranging your tour to her country herself, and if she is not too far away from you, you can spend about $5,000 in total. Guys who prefer high-end services may spend up to $50,000. Hence, the average price of a mail order wife is about $25,000. This is just a generalization, though. It depends on you.

How to reduce the total cost of a mail order bride and dating?

Here is what every single man looking for a bride should remember: everything depends on how you choose and how you use the services. Just keep in mind that dating agencies and websites exist to earn money, and if they can sell something to you, they will do it. Your goal is to get what you need, in this case, a bride, and not to pay more than the services actually cost.

If you don’t really care about the money and can afford the best hotel in her country, the first-class tickets, and the most luxurious gift for your bride just skip this part. Below, we’ll discuss the ways to reduce some costs and spend $4,000-$10,000 on a bride instead of spending $20,000-$50,000.

  • Choose the site wisely. Just find the platform with reasonable prices and quality features.
  • Use the site wisely. Use search to contact girls who really match you and not all hotties on the platform.
  • Use the pricier services only if you really like a woman. Use text messages to learn more about a stranger.
  • Don’t send pricey gifts if you know her for a week, no matter how beautiful she is.
  • Arrange the visit to her country yourself, especially if it’s your 1st or 2nd trip.
  • Learn the language or use Google Translate. On some sites, translation services are pretty expensive.

As you can see, there are reasons why dating and mail order brides cost is such a big mystery. Now you know about the average prices and pitfalls, and if you really want to find a wife online and don’t mind spending some time on creating a budget, you will hardly spend more than necessary on a mail order wife.