Foreign Mail Order Brides & International Dating: Who They Are & How To Meet Them?

Everyone’s heard about mail order brides, but very few people know how this system really works. Today, we’re going to reveal all the secrets, explain who these ladies really are, describe the reasons why they migrate to get married, and talk about the best places to meet them. Simply put, if you want to know everything about international brides, you’re definitely in the right place.

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It is important to know

It is important to understand the difference between dating websites and mail order bride services. The dating sites are usually used by girls and guys who just want to chat, flirt, and have a good time with their partner. Whereas mail order bride platforms are used to find a soul mate for life, get married, and build a happy family. So when choosing a suitable service, you should rely on your desires and preferences.

international mail order brides

Who are international brides?

International brides also known as mail order brides are single women (never married or divorced, with or without children) who are ready to start a new serious relationship. Simply put, they want to get married and start a family. However, they’re not trying to meet a man in their own country. They make a conscious choice to look for a husband abroad.

They don’t migrate to other countries or anything like that. They join niche platforms and seek love online or use services provided by dating agencies (which still look for best matches for them through the web.) These ladies provide detailed information about themselves, take a lot of photos and usually record introductory videos. A girl with detailed profiles improves her chances of meeting a decent man. Note that they are not paid. They are not for sale. Starting a family with a good guy is their primary goal.

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Why do they become foreign brides — international love as it is

If you’ve ever visited a typical mail order bride site, you probably noticed that most women on such platforms are young and very attractive. It’s hard to believe for some people that such ladies really need to meet someone abroad. Though their life situations may be different, we distinguished a few most common scenarios that make them take this step.

Disappointed in local men

What are the countries with the largest numbers of international brides? These are Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and even China, Eastern-European countries like Russia and Ukraine and plenty of Latin countries. If you take a closer look at social situations there, you’ll find out that women do have reasons to look for husbands abroad. Some of them look for men who drink less, some want to find a partner in a country where having a mistress is discouraged and not encouraged, some suffered domestic violence, etc. All these ladies from different parts of the world usually have at least one thing in common — they all believe they can find a better man somewhere else.

Ready to have a family

It’s hard for a woman to find a man she really likes. It’s even harder to find a good man who’s also ready to settle down. By the way, a lot of women in the above-mentioned and other countries feel a lot of pressure because they are single in their 30s. That is why they are looking for a man who won’t wait for 5 years to finally start a family.

Looking for more stability for their children

Foreign brides usually come from developing countries. Money is not their main motivation — we described the main reason why they marry foreigners above, but it would be also wrong to ignore the fact that they are looking for a better, more stable life for themselves and their kids. It’s much easier to have this life in a developed country, with a man who will support them and provide for the family.

Where to meet international brides online?

You don’t have to move anywhere to meet these women. First, it is pretty obvious that very few men can just choose a country with nice girls and move there without any hesitation. Second, in some countries, it’s not that easy to meet a foreign bride in a bar, in a library, at a party, or in the park. Yes, a lot of girls in the most popular mail order bride countries fail to start a healthy relationship, but it doesn’t mean all of them are single. It’s likely to be easier to hook up a girl in Ukraine or in China, but she’s still a random girl, and you never know what she wants and expects from you. Hence, moving to another country is 1) risky, 2) expensive, 3) just unreasonable because of lack of information about the ladies and no guarantees.

These are just a few of the many reasons why men usually choose international dating sites, including premium platforms. Generally speaking, paying for them if you just want to have some fun doesn’t make sense. But it totally makes sense if you are looking for a wife who has similar values, goals, and meet all your criteria.

You can choose girls from a particular ethnic group

Look for calmer, more submissive girls? No problem, choose an Asian dating site. Look for passionate, curvy ladies? Choose a Latin platform. Yes, these are generalizations, but we can’t also deny that women in particular regions have some similar traits, so if you learn more about them, you can use this information to find a perfect bride. Of course, another great thing is if you choose the right dating website or a niche mail order bride platform, you will meet only women who are looking for a prospective spouse, too.

Finding a dream girl has never been easier

We all look for people with particular personality traits, education, marital status, and so on and so forth. All these things are usually called “criteria.” One of the best things about niche websites that you can find matches that meet all, and not just a few of your criteria. Good platforms allow members to apply dozens of filters, ask them the right questions to find not just a date but a soulmate for them.

Advanced features to start and build a healthy relationship

Dating these girls is actually a long-distance relationship. Men meet international brides online, and of course, they don’t come to visit every single lady they contact. They choose ladies, get closer to women they like most, decide if one of them is the right person, start and build relationships. How do they do it? The use tools provided by the dating platform. Usually, they vary. Better sites offer plenty of services from text chat to video chat, phone calls, and gift delivery, which makes dating experience as “real” as possible.

Such features help members understand if they met someone they should marry much faster and easier. Men and women in such communities usually don’t wait for too long to meet in person and start a family, so if you are not ready to settle down, joining such a website might be not the best idea.

How exactly it works for men and brides

Here is the typical scenario:

  1. A single woman looking for a foreign husband joins a niche website and becomes a mail order bride.
  2. A single man looking for an international bride looks for a platform and joins it, too.
  3. A guy uses the search algorithm to find the best match among the ladies registered on the website.
  4. A search algorithm finds a few matches, and he starts to interact with these women. Let’s suppose that a lady we’ve mentioned above is one of them.
  5. A man pays for communicating, ladies don’t. A man chooses a girl he really likes.
  6. A couple is dating online until they finally set a real date. A guy goes to her country.
  7. They meet and decide if they want to get married.
  8. If they both are in love, a man takes a future wife to his country.

Here is how men usually marry international brides. Dating them is not like dating a random girl you meet on Tinder, but as you can see, it is also different from what people usually call a mail order bride experience. A man doesn’t purchase a woman — he really meets a lot of brides, chooses one of them, and starts a real relationship before, and not after they get married. Please note that the quality of services and chance of success depends almost entirely on the platform you use, so make a careful choice.