Romanian Brides For Marriage & Dating: What’s Special About Romanian Women?

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It is important to know

It is important to understand the difference between dating websites and mail order bride services. The dating sites are usually used by girls and guys who just want to chat, flirt, and have a good time with their partner. Whereas mail order bride platforms are used to find a soul mate for life, get married, and build a happy family. So when choosing a suitable service, you should rely on your desires and preferences.

Women from Romania have different personalities, tastes, and attitudes. The fact that they are all of the same nationality doesn’t mean that there is a single approach towards winning their hearts. Over the years, women’s views have evolved, and now they don’t want to limit themselves to household duties and raising children. However, the level of education also plays a great role in this situation because a female with a university degree would probably be more self-efficient and career-oriented.

Nevertheless, the cultural background has a significant impact on forming people’s perceptions. Ladies are attracted to new things, so Western men have a big advantage because it’s interesting for women to find some facts about people of different cultures. Local beauties are very traditional and respect their parents.

They want to feel secure and have stability in their relationships. That’s why men who are ready to respect their ladies and understand what kind of responsibility they take, prefer marrying Romanian brides.

Remarkably, there is a high rate of marriages in Romania, namely 7.3%. Nowadays, local women understand marriage as something less official and influential. They are ready to wait until they’re sure that their partners truly meet their expectations. Romanian mail order brides became more demanding, but that’s a good thing as they want their needs and desires to comply with their social status and financial capabilities. Also, there is one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, only 1.5%, meaning that locals choose their partners wisely and don’t rush into relationships. Below, we have gathered valuable information about Romanian ladies’ preferences, tips on making them fall in love with guys, and dating rules!

How to impress Romanian brides?

romanian mail order brides

For sure, every girl is different, but a man will surely recognize some patterns of behavior in the representatives of certain countries. There is no “one size fits all” approach in this situation, but a gentleman should implement the tactics and calibrate it considering the personality of the woman he fancies. Actually, many European brides for marriage have a lot of things in common, and Romanian women have features of different nationalities, mostly Slavic and Mediterranean, mixed in their appearance. So, you must be wondering how to make such an exceptional female pay attention to you and make her your faithful partner? Well, there are some tips that will definitely help in getting your lovely Romanian mail order bride’s attention!

Support your words with actions

It’s not a secret that women don’t like those men who can’t keep their promises or talk too much about their achievements, but when it comes to taking action, step back. Romanian brides aren’t easy prey because they will test the guys by asking them tricky questions or getting specific things done. If a man pretends to be someone he really isn’t, they would easily detect that he’s lying and immediately stop the communication. Thus, if a gentleman wants to impress his gorgeous Romanian bride for marriage, he shouldn’t just tell her empty promises, but better do something meaningful.

Understand the dynamics of dating

A man shouldn’t rush, wanting to take the relationships onto the next stage as fast as possible. A lady needs time to get to know you better, understand if you are right for her, and find out your goals and dreams. If you start being too persistent, you won’t achieve anything good because the girl would think that you are a womanizer. Instead, ask her about her feelings and intentions, as well as what she thinks about you and whether she is ready to develop your communication.

Be confident and responsible

Romanian brides for marriage want to date guys who are confident in their decisions, love what they’re doing, and show respect to people around them. When meeting a guy, they will question whether he is a leader in his life and is ready to take serious action. They’ll want you to be reliable and responsible because if you don’t have these qualities, girls won’t take you seriously.

Also, a gentleman’s tone of voice and outfits play great roles in making the lady want to pay attention to his personality. Posture and walk are the signs of confidence, so remember to look after yourself and make eye contact with women you fancy.

Inspire and support your Romanian bride

If a man wants to make his lovely lady feel comfortable around him, then emotional support is his true helper. He should ask questions, support in finding solutions, cuddle, give small gifts, and say, “I love you.” Seemingly, these are small things, but together, they might be much more powerful than loud promises and expensive presents. Also, if you have decided to find bride online, make sure that you can provide your woman with something she’s never seen or felt. A man who inspires his women with his love and passion towards his job will surely catch any Romanian bride’s attention!

Specialities and personal traits of Romanian brides for marriage

hot romanian brides

All women are special, and Romanian ones are not an exception. They differ from American ladies in many ways, so Western men might find them even more attractive because of this. They have contrasting mindsets and qualities, which make them stand out among others. So, let’s explore the top 5 most exciting characteristics of ladies from Romania.

Trait 1. Confidence

There were studies that found that 65% of Romanian women are confident. They aren’t afraid to make mistakes because they learn from them and know how to overcome any challenges. Romanian brides for marriage focus on important things rather than think about what people will say or whether they might face failures on their way. They spread this confidence around, making others feel their powerful energy.

Trait 2. Independence

Romanian females are very self-aware and put effort into looking their best, no matter what they’re doing. They are raised to do everything on their own and to be able to deal with any problems. A local lady might even act like she doesn’t need a man who is trying to get her attention because she wants to show him that she is self-sufficient.

Trait 3. Attention

These ladies know how to take care of their houses and make their loved ones happier.

Romanian brides highly value comfort and strive to make their homes the places that would make them feel cozier and more relaxed. Also, they’re not afraid to show their feelings and often ask men whether something bothers them, offering help. Women from Romania give valuable advice and know how to deal with anything, turning any failure to their benefit.

Trait 4. Romance

romanian mail order wives

Dream of dancing in the rain, or watching comedies under the blanket and drinking hot cocoa? If you do, make sure to date Romanian mail order brides as with them around, you’ll feel like you are in a romantic movie with a happy ending. They know what to say to make their husbands feel their love, and understand when it’s better to hug or kiss them. A girl from this country will provide you with the best dating experience because she adores going to the restaurants, cinemas, or other outdoor places.

Trait 5. Straightforwardness

You can really tell that a Romanian bride has feelings towards you when paying attention to what she says and how she behaves. She won’t be able to hide her emotions because a lady will tell you funny stories, make eyes, and try to spend a lot of time with you. This trait is actually great because a man won’t need to try to guess whether he has to take action or a lady is just playing with his feelings.


Therefore, we have explored the main features of Romanian mail order brides and tips on approaching them. Indeed, a man needs to implement unique “techniques” towards each lady, but he should definitely start from the things described in this article! A single Western man who wants to charm Romanian brides for marriage has to be prepared to face cultural differences that might become obstacles on the way to meeting his love. However, if there are true desire and dedication, a gentleman will overcome any challenges and build strong relationships with his attentive and loyal woman from Romania.